Moose are typically animals that do a great job at hiding; you could be standing next to one in the woods most times and not even know that it was there. However, the past two days between Scarborough and South Portland, that has not been the case, as a bull moose has been seen walking the neighborhood casually as if he lives there.

This occurrence is definitely something that, even in Maine, you don't see every day. Here are some questions I have; why is this happening? He doesn't appear to have rabies. What's his angle? Who sent him? News Center Maine had people send in a video of the Moose in question walking around South Portland just this very morning. It has people frightened, confused, absolutely bewildered as to what is taking place in Southern Maine.


As you can see, the moose has traveled east overnight.

We understand this is unique to the area but we are getting...

Posted by South Portland (Maine) Police Department on Wednesday, 30 September 2020

In either case, according to the News Center Maine story, dogs can cause a problem for Moose. Also, people trying to get closer in vehicles may scare it and create further incidents, so please give Bullwinkle the space he needs and hopefully will go back to its natural habitat. One of my friends received a letter today from SMCC describing the incident.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 has gripped the country, different communities in every state have seen animals that don't naturally come into the inner city, walking around as if they own the place. Portland has seen wild dogs and coyotes, even cities such as San Francisco have seen Wolf packs in the street during the quarantine. In either case, all we can do is let the game wardens and animal control do what they can do to get these animals back to their homes.


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