Movie Mom got super worked up talking about the new 'Power Rangers' movie. Not in a good way...

Soooo, one of the new releases out this week is a new 'Power Rangers' movie. Movie Mom did NOT enjoy it at all. One of the biggest things that bugged her is that it took an hour for the 4 teens to get their power.

ONE HOUR! She was not happy about that.


She did not recommend. Then there is the movie 'CHiPs', based on the cheesy 70's and 80's one hour drama. The remake is a definite raunchy R rating and Movie Mom isn't sure that's the way it should have gone, asking, 'Who's their audience?'

That brings us to 'Life'. You've already seen this movie, it was from the 70's and called 'Alien' and it was much better then.

That brings us to 'Wilson', a dark comedy based on a comic book. The luke warm review from Movie Mom is that it' 'okay'.

She recommends you go and see 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Or stay home and rent 'Sing' - she warned it's not for the little, little ones despite being a cartoon. There are some scary scenes and a couple of upsetting things for little kids. 6 and up.



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