If you have an 8-year-old boy, this is his weekend for movies!

Movie Mom said that her son when he was 8, would have LOVED 'Monster Trucks'. It's literally a little Scooby Doo and Free Willy all in one movie about a monster who is the engine in a big ol' truck. Of course, the there are bad guys trying to take the monster...

Movie Mom oddly enjoyed that. Actually more than Ben Affleck's latest, 'Live by Night'. It's about post WWI during prohibition and it's tired with nothing new explored, and despite her love of Ben, Movie Mom hated his acting in this. Yikes.

Then there is 'Patriots Day'. Another movie combination of director Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg. There's a theme to their movies, normal guy turns hero in tough situation. This movie is about how the police responded in Boston to the terrorist attack during the marathon. She enjoyed.

If you want to see Ben Affleck in a good movie, rent 'The Accountant' a fast paced movie...about an accountant! And catch Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg's last collaboration, 'Deepwater Horizon' based on the true story of the explosion on an offshore drilling rig.

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