Great news! Movie Mom loves the two completely different super hero movies out this week! 

Let's start with 'Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie'. She thought it was super fun and silly and perfect for kids. It didn't try to be more than a cute kid movie and it did that very well. The only thing you'll have to deal with is your your kid saying, 'Da da da dah!' a lot around the house.

Then there is 'Wonder Woman'. A female super hero directed by a woman! And it's a win win. In fact, the way this movie is being talked about, you would think that all womankind is being saved by the movie 'Wonder Woman'.


The action was great, the acting was fun...the only criticism is that it was a tad slow before Chris Pine landed on the island. Movie Mom also really enjoyed the fact that the movie was set in World War I and not WWII, which most movies are set...

Important: No need to stay through the credits - nothing happens.

Or you could stay home and rent 'The Shack' based on the best selling book and avoid the incredibly ridiculous movie 'Fist Fight'.



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