New murals are going up in Portland that offer more than something to gaze at.

The new murals are black and white photo collages plastered upon brick walls in places that are out of the way but not hidden. They include pictures of Mainers' hands, faces, some close up, some at a distance, alone, or with others. Beside the portraits are posters that list resources for Mainers to use in the event that they need them, such as Help for Homeless Veterans, Gamblers Anonymous, and Trans LifeLine, among others.

Townsquare Media

The list ends with an inspiring statement:

We Are Here To Help

You Are Believed

The mural was part of a public art grant that aims to make all members of our society feel welcome, supported, and heard.

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All of the faces in the artwork are Mainers from all walks of life, showing the diversity of all sorts we have in our community that is rarely highlighted when referencing Mainers.

Townsquare Media

If you happen to come across one of these murals, stop and look at the faces of your fellow Mainers. Never hesitate to pass on the number of a hotline to someone who could use it, and if you yourself are looking for help, know that these groups are here for you.