No, this isn't a joke. It's a great thing! (because some of us need it!)

Starting this month, you can take in-person and online classes at "The Adulting School," that teach life skills like changing a tire and paying your bills on time.

Marketing its courses to young adults and using advertising phrases like "Come here instead of calling your parents," the Adulting School offers classes in basics like living on your own, and being a productive member of society.

Really, guys. Admit it: you might want to enroll.

Conceived by Katie Brunelle and Rachel Weinstein, the Adulting School aims to teach critical, real-world skills that students may have missed in the classroom, or were never taught in the first place.

"You know, when you see 10 people feeling like they're the only one, and they're all struggling with the same thing, you think, let's get these people together so they can learn this stuff and not feel so isolated and ashamed," Weinstein said in an interview with NPR.

"We will also make sure you know fold a fitted sheet or remove a red wine stain. The most successful adults are book smart AND street smart."

According to CNBC and NPR, The Adulting School offers live workshop events in Portland, but you don't have to be a local to enroll. Starting this month, anyone can gain access to its online school and lessons, which feature advice across four core categories: Personal finance, health and wellness, "make it" or "fix it" skills and relationships. That covers pretty much everything, right?

Learning "to adult" will cost you $19.99 a month or $101.95 for one six-month semester. Small price to pay for not having to call an actual adult to help, right?

They also offer gift cards, if you need a last-minute gift idea for a sloppy roommate!

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