A family in Austin, Texas put up over 25,000 lights and turned their house and front yard into a "Frozen" winter wonderland for the holidays.

How much is their electric bill? Ready? 6 dollars for the entire season. That's according to John Storm and his wife. They say it's an 'ultra green light display'.

They love Christmas, 'Christmas Vacation' and Disney. That combination has produced the light displayed that almost 3 million have seen on YouTube! That combination AND their 3 year old daughter who picked the song this year.

It took three weekends to set the whole thing up and they stopped counting at 25,000 lights. Oh and the cactus? That's there because they've had it for years and they live in Texas so they figure they can get away with it.

I love Christmas. I love 'Christmas Vacation'. I love Disney. But (you knew that was coming) I am sooooo over these light displays set to music. I feel like I just said I hate puppies. I used to love these things, drive miles to see one...but now I'm like eh...

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