New England is home to lots of Viral TikTok stars

It's pretty arguable to say that New England is straight up the most creative and most funny part of the country. Most of the hilarious content you hear about, see, or scroll through on social media has some kind of tie to New England. And backing up that claim is viral TikTok star and New England actor, Ian Brownhill.

Ian is from what many consider the southernmost point of New England, Rhode Island (more on that in a second), and, according to his Backstage page, has acting credits in blockbuster movies like Avengers: End Game and the upcoming Jumanji 3, as well as an appearance on the hit show Empire.

Ian Brownhill found success on TikTok during the pandemic

Like lots of other now-Viral TikTok stars, Ian found massive success and became a viral content creator during the beginning of the pandemic, striking gold first with a video about one of the most New England things ever -- a snowstorm in October.

...Connecticut is pretty much considered the redheaded stepchild of New England...

After that, Ian pretty much came to be considered the go-to "New England Guy" on TikTok. Which brings us to one of his latest viral TikTok videos that, if you're from New England (especially Massachusetts on up), you feel deep in your soul and love. Because, for whatever reason, Connecticut is pretty much considered the redheaded stepchild of New England, rarely even considered to be part of it at all, and is pretty much seen as a spinoff of New York. Ian decided to use a scene from the movie Austin Powers: Goldmember to drive this fact home. First, the actual scene from the movie:

And now, Ian's take on the scene highlighting all of the different states and areas of New England, including the banishing of Connecticut.

Harsh? Maybe. Classic? Definitely.

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