Kelly Clarkson makes a triumphant return to the spotlight with a new track called "Heartbeat Song." Kelly revealed in recent interviews that she had a very difficult pregnancy with her now 7-month old daughter, River Rose. She also revealed a VERY cool fact about her new track Heartbeat Song.

The single, released on Monday and is already getting lots of airplay on radio stations across the country. It's an upbeat, synth-driven song that celebrates her new baby girl in a unique way. The beat of the song is actually the heartbeat of River Rose, slowed down, from when she was in Kelly's tummy! Pretty cool!  Read more about the story here. “Heartbeat Song” also sings of Kelly's experience of motherhood with lines like this:

“Until tonight, I only dreamed about you
I can’t believe I’ll ever breathe without you
Baby, you make me feel alive and brand new”

Take a listen to it:

Kelly said in recent interviews that she battled uncontrolled nausea during her pregnancy, to the point where she was throwing-up 25 times a day. She said that it forced her to really step away from the spotlight much more than she would have liked. Check out this story from Good Morning America where Kelly talks about the whole situation. She's back in a big way now. You can listen for Heartbeat Song to play on Q97.9!




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