Garside's was for sale last winter, and now there's a new owner for the first time in almost 40 years.


The owner Eric Pendleton sold Garside's Ice Cream to Julie Kramer and it's open for the season. Part of the deal was that whoever bought it had to keep the tradition of Garside's going.

According to WMTW, Julie knows she has big shoes to fill, but she has been going to Garside's for years. It was her daughter Julianna who actually knew one day they'd own it.

TownsquareMedia- Julianna

Julie said that one day they were eating ice cream sitting on one of the benches and her daugher Julianna told an older lady that her mom was going to buy the place. The woman started to laugh and said that she was the owner!

It was Mary Pendelton, who died this past winter. Her family has owned Garside's for 38 years. It's been around since 1955 when Arthur Garside opened it.

All of the ice creams are home made and a lot of the handwritten recipes are still around. Julie says she wants to stay true to the tradition of home made ice cream while making it even better!


I had the Maine blueberry was awesome.