It's the end of an eight-plus-year run for this brewpub in South Portland that is being purchased by a new owner under a new name.

Owners Julia and Craig Dilger opened Foulmouthed Brewing in an old auto garage on Ocean Street in the shadow of the Casco Bay Bridge. The garage was in rough shape, but they transformed it into their dream of a brewpub after brewing beer at home.

Foulmouthed became a popular local brewpub serving burgers, sandwiches, and craft cocktails and their beer, with unique names like "Impure Thoughts," "Horse of a Different Color," and "Ice Scraper," a barleywine that is perfect for cold winters in Maine when you're pulling out the actual ice scraper.

A new owner will be taking over the brewpub and changing the name (among other things), to make it their own. The announcement was made in an Instagram post, but the Dilger's were unable to give the details of the sale, other than that the buyer is a new independent brewery: there is another brewer who is eager to take over and bring their own vision to the pub.

We can’t reveal all the details, but the buyer is a new, independent brewery with plenty of experience working within the industry here in Maine. They intend to continue operating as a restaurant and brewery and plan to open under their own name as soon as licensing allows.


-Foulmouthed Beer via Facebook

Sunday, April 28, will be the last day for Foulmouthed, so make sure to plan a trip before it's too late.

Good luck to Julia and Craig on whatever adventure they are going on next.

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