Well, hey, at least it's not a new bank.

Portland's North Deering neighborhood just got a brand new city-owned park that's now open to the public.

Nestled near Washington Avenue, on the grounds of the former Haverty Field, you'll find a fresh, green destination where you can bring your furry friend and embark on adventures. It's conveniently located at the end of Ballpark Drive.

This new park isn't just a park, it's a 24-acre public green space that leaves SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES.

It seems as though the development of this area is far from done, and plans to develop more over time as it preserves existing trails and woods of the area.

According to city and state leaders (via Portland Press Herald),

"The park helps fill a need in an area that lacked public green space".

Betsy Cook, the Maine state director for Trust for Public Land, said.

"The new 24-acre North Deering Park is a “hidden gem” that will help fill a need in the neighborhood".

Overall, it cost the state $833,000 with the help of private fundraising and federal grants to make it happen.

It's said to be a little overgrown right now, but not for too long before the city decides on what plans they're going to put in place for it all.

The city’s director of parks said, "The trails are open for informal neighborhood use like walking dogs". PERFECT. That's all you need sometimes—somewhere new to clear the mind for a walk.

SIDENOTE: If you're looking for a good little park to take your pup and kids, check out one of my favorites, Hinckley Park:

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