There has been an uproar on social media over all the out-of-staters coming from elsewhere in the country to Maine during the coronavirus pandemic. Now Maine is making sure people entering the state know they have an obligation.

There have been calls by Maine residents on social media to close Maine's borders to out-of-staters, especially those coming from hot spot areas with large numbers of people infected with COVID-19 like New York. Many people are choosing to come here from out of state because of the lower number of cases here in Maine.

Gov. Janet Mills has said that she doesn't have the authority to close the borders, but did issue an executive order that anyone entering the state that is not an essential person must quarantine themselves for 14 days.

To make sure those people get the message, the Maine DOT has created signs to be posted around the state reminding people coming here that the executive order is in place.

In a post on the Maine DOT Facebook page, they showed us what these new signs look like.


Some comments on the post are saying things like "too little too late" and that we need to have "check points at entry points into Maine, obtain the peoples information, where they are traveling to."

According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Supreme Court ruled in 1940 that a law banning migrants from entering California was unconstitutional and that only Congress had that authority. So, it seems unlikely that any state borders will be closed to people with the coronavirus in the United States.

Hopefully these signs will remind people what they must do if they want to come to our state.

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