In the latest battle of should, we or should we not fully open the state, upstate New York resorts are using Maines travel restrictions to detour visitors from coming to Vacationland and op to go there instead. This was first noticed when the manager of Nonantum resort in Kennebunk received an email from a friend with a campaign from a Harbor Hotel Collection of upstate New York, basically saying, Maine doesn't want you, come to New York, we'll take you in. As appalled as she should have been, she emailed it to her colleagues as well. The big debate right now is whether people coming from the outside of the state will bring the virus with them as we have done so well in flattening our own curve, but it's the debate between flattening the curve or getting the state's economy back going with that has people up in arms.

"I actually forwarded it over to a few of my colleagues and said this about sums it up. Says it all," Tina Hewitt-Gordon, general manager of the Nonantum in Kennebunkport, told CBS 13.

The resort has had to cancel 3,400 reservations, and over 50 weddings have been moved to next summer, the biggest fear is that some people that have been booking yearly trips may not come back. Despite this altered reality we are now living in, do you think once there's a vaccine or we get final news about the coronavirus and how we can avoid it comes out, people will return to Maine to vacation what are your thoughts?

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