There are just some things that people from Maine (and all of New England) hold sacred, and one of those things is the classic boiled dinner. That's what the creator of NewMaineNews, Seth Macy, found out after he posted a funny headline about the classic New England meal.

For those that haven't been keeping tabs, NewMaineNews is the local version of the Onion. Macy crafts a creative new headline and story each day but this particular one about boiled dinners really struck a nerve. The NewMaineNews Facebook page was flooded with comments as was the website itself, most of which stated that clearly people weren't preparing the boiled dinner correctly if it had no flavor. Those people, unfortunately, weren't in on the joke.

People also commented on what goes into a traditional New England boiled dinner. Some people disagree on whether corned beef or ham shoulder should be the main protein. Other ingredients including cabbage, carrots, potatoes, turnip and and onion seemed to be universally agreed upon. From there, some variations to the recipe to exist, all to exacerbate TASTE. Which of course, was the main point of the satirical article.

via NewMaineNews on Facebook

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Via NewMaineNews on Facebook