If you spend enough time on the Portland waterfront in the summer, you're bound to see some impressive looking yachts. But all those impressive looking yachts pale in comparison to the luxury super-yacht that docked in Portland Harbor over the 4th of July holiday, a $180 million dollar floating mansion belonging to Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank.

Shared on Twitter by Cathering Culley, the yacht is named DreAMBoat, and no that isn't an error in capitalization, the AMB in dreamboat is capitalized to highlight Arthur Blank's initials. Blank has made a majority of his fortune from being the co-founder of Home Depot, and has his hand in many different businesses ventures, including owning multiple professional sports teams. While Portland is accustomed to seeing massive cruise ships docked in the city, Blank's super-yacht drew a lot of eyes and attention over the weekend.

According to Superyachtfan.com, DreAMBoat was built in 2019 and holds a crew of 33 people and up to 23 guests on its various journeys around the globe. The main deck is fitted with a full sized swimming pool while the master suite is fitted with a private deck and jacuzzi. There are 27 cabins total on the yacht, and it's several floors can be accessed by a glass-encased elevator in the center of yacht.

The reason for DreAMBoat's stop in Portland is unclear. It could have been as simple as a pitstop in the midst of a longer journey or a chance to spend a long weekend in a trendy city in the northeast. Either way, Blank's big boat had almost as many eyes on it this weekend as fireworks did across Maine.



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