Ahhhh, when you are at a loss for words, send a potato to do the job for you. I'm not kidding.

There is a company that will send a loved one a potato with a message on it. Yes. A real potato.

Jeff Kelly and Jim Owens, the businessmen behind Mystery Potato, say,

“potatoes are simple and they bring joy and confusion like you would not believe. In these days of email, tweets, Snapchat, and Facebook messenger, sending someone something in the mail is starting to have a renewed power and impact. Potatoes are just the thing to send in the mail.”

Mmmm. Well, I'm a fan. As most people pointed out to me when I moved from Idaho, 'You moved from one potato state to another!'

I'm thinking it would make a hell of an impact instead of roses and chocolates!

All you have to do is choose your potato (sweet or regular) and the message you want to personalize it with. They will then send out the anonymous spud in a plain white envelope with the “Mystery Potato” return address on it. Costs start at $7.99 to mail a potato.

Go ahead...I dare you!

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