Vaping and teens is in the news a lot. The New York Times interviewed students and faculty at Cape Elizabeth High School.


One student was caught three times vaping and sat in Vice Principal Nate Carpenter's  office because, 'he can't stop.' Mr. Carpenter has been the VP at CEHS for four years and says he can't remember ever seeing a kid smoke a cigarette, but 'vaping is suddenly everywhere.'

There's a new device making it even easier called Juul. They look like thumb drives and don't have a huge puff of 'smoke' so it's easy to hide.

Kids don't think vaping is bad for them, and think that smoking is worse. But the problem with vaping is that there isn't a lot of research - so they are literally calling this generation the 'guinea pig generation'.

One thing is known by all experts, nicotine is highly addictive...and e-cigs are loaded with it.

Are you seeing vaping as a problem in schools? Do you have a teen or know a teen experimenting? Please be aware that these products are meant for adults - but it is quickly turning into a teen problem.



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