New Target Coming to Auburn, Maine

Word dropped earlier this week that will be awesome for Mainers but horrible for our wallets -- a brand new Target is opening in about 3 weeks on Sunday, November 6 in Auburn. Of course, when you think of giant chain stores in Auburn, Maine, you think of only one thing.

The Infamous Auburn Walmart Pole

The most hilarious part of all of this is you don't even think of the Walmart store itself in Auburn, but one legendary (and destructive) object outside of the store instead: The Auburn Walmart Pole.

And man, that pole has smoked more cars over the years than registered drivers probably exist in Maine.

Randy Mitchell
Randy Mitchell

At the end of the day, it's an inanimate object. But somehow it's one of the biggest legends in all of Maine. And somehow, people can't stop hitting it.

Whether they sideswipe it, bust a headlight on it, or somehow vault on top of it like it's the beginning of a couch cushion fort -- but with 2,000 pounds of steal, gasoline, and motor oil -- a cemetery of all the cars that have fallen victim to the Auburn Walmart pole should be created.

Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller

It doesn't matter if it's painted green, painted yellow, or they install a huge blinking LED sign that says, "HEY DUMMY THERE'S A POLE HERE DON'T HIT IT!!!" -- the Auburn Walmart pole will forever steal single-car accidents like the Devil steals souls.

But that said, what will the Auburn Target bring to the table?

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