Oh my God! I just about fell over when I opened my mail and found this! THIS WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN!

Remember when I said I was scammed over Christmas. I had bought a Tedy Bruschi ladies jersey from a company for about 35 bucks. Wow...what a deal!

It was a website that was too good to be true. I tried to call them, email them, follow up on the package and NOTHING. No contact, the last I knew the package was in China...and the last time I went to the website it was all in Chinese!

Then this arrives.



And it came from China! Now granted...if you could see and feel it, you would know it's a complete fake - but it came! I've already reported fraud to my credit card and stopped payment!

Now what do I do? I never in a million years thought anything would arrive! So, was I scammed? Is this real? I'm so confused...

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