Hoping to teach the town of a Clinton a lesson, an old man showed up at the town office with 81,000 pennies to pay off an outstanding tax. 

A penny for your thoughts? An elderly resident of the small town of Clinton, Maine became upset at the beginning of the year when the town stopped giving out salt and sand to people to help with their driveways and walkways. Clark was trying to figure out a way to convey his anger over the new policy and it suddenly struck him. Pennies for all of this thoughts.

According to WABI, Clark showed up at the Clinton Town Office with more than 81,000 pennies to pay off his $813 tax bill last Friday. The clerk at the office, predictably so, was not impressed that Clark was there to pay his bill with exclusively pennies. But Clark was sticking to his guns in dispute over some sand and salt.

"I taught these people a hard day's work and the value of a dollar today and that's about the best an old man can do". Town officials haven't made any official comments about Clark's protest or whether they'd consider a change in their sand and salt distribution policy but they did accept Clark's payment of all pennies.

Our question; where does anyone get 81,000 pennies these days?!

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