I was looking forward to my first summer in Maine, I came up here a few years ago with Family to Kennebunk and thought it was a nice area, this was to be where I finally let my hair down. Arriving here in late October, I fell in love with Portland even as it got dark and dreary, and if that is the way I felt as the temperature dipped into the thirties, I was thrilled as to what it will be like when we are in the seventies and eighties. Then in late December, I heard rumors of this sickness that was spreading in parts of Asia and Europe that would be on our doorstep swiftly; However, I selfishly did not want to believe that anything was going to ruin my Maine Summer experience.

People having party at beach with drinks

There are now new regulations in place that will protect us from the virus and each other, but what will that do to our summer activities?
A mask on my face outside while getting my tan? In all seriousness, I am bummed, but I can tell you I am not going to let Ms. Rona ruin what I have been waiting for, neither should you! Enjoy your spring and summer, and take all of the necessary precautions. If we do the things that are being recommended, like wearing a mask, social distancing &, etc, we may set ourselves up for a better summer next year!

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