Lori came up with an idea to predict if the Patriots or the Seahawks would win the Super Bowl by using a couple of eggs and a microwave. The result almost lost us our jobs. 

We wrote PATS and HAWKS on eggs and put them in the microwave, the theory being that whichever egg exploded first would lose the Super Bowl.

At the time it seemed like a great idea, but here's a word of advice kids. Don't put eggs in the microwave and wait for them to explode!



You know that burnt popcorn smell? Multiply that by about 10 and that's what it smelled like in the studio this morning. We also kind of borrowed the microwave from the kitchen so there might have been some people going in to heat up their breakfast to find it gone.

We weren't exactly everyone's friend today. After the boss said "You what?!," Lori went ahead and cleaned up the microwave and put it back where we found it. All better.


We didn't get fired and after further review, the HAWKS egg exploded first. Patriots win!

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