Here's a cold, hard, heartbreaking fact for you.

There is someone in your life that is struggling so hard right now and you probably don't even know. They seem happy. They seem lively. They drip positivity and smiles. They're absolutely infectious to those around them and spread so much joy and happiness.

And on the inside, nobody knows the darkness they could be fighting. Odds are, that person who was just described above could have been you at some point in your life. Truthfully, it's been me a couple of times, too.

And that's partially what this walk is all about.

Walks Team via YouTube
Walks Team via YouTube

Out of the Darkness Walk

Every year, throughout the year, different local chapters of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) put on various Out of the Darkness walks across the country. And oftentimes, it's how people are introduced to AFSP and learn what they're all about.

Since their mission as a non-profit is to bring suicide prevention awareness to individuals, communities, companies, and schools, on top of being a beacon of support for survivors of suicide, AFSP holds these various walks to give community members a chance to remember someone they've lost to suicide as well as give support and hope to those struggling -- even if no one is aware.

Walks Team via YouTube
Walks Team via YouTube

Peirce Island, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

On Saturday, September 30, there will be an Out of the Darkness Walk taking place at Peirce Island at 10 a.m. The goal for this year's walk is to raise $100,000, but something bigger than simply just fundraising will happen that day.

For those who have survived their dark times, there could have been someone or something that gave them the strength to fight. This walk on Saturday, September 30, with an entire community standing together to give love, support, and hope to one another -- that could end up being the source of someone's strength to fight.

So, let's all show up, show out, and walk out of the darkness, together!

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