Arcadia, the very popular arcade bar on Congress Street in Portland, was host to the best pinball players in Maine in the International Flipper Pinball Associaton's Maine State Pinball Championship.

That's a lot of words there, but in simple terms, the best 16 pinball players in Maine, as ranked by the IFPA, are invited to compete for the title of Maine State Pinball Champion. The winner also gets an invitation to compete in the North American Pinball Championship in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

As the Maine IFPA representative, it was my job to coordinate the tournament and interviews with the press who may want to cover it. News Center Maine is always generous enough to send out a photographer to cover the event and help us spread our love of pinball to others.

Dave Aceto, one of the owners of Arcadia, is a big ambassador of pinball and is willing to teach anyone who comes in how to play. He's a super nice guy too, who has a sense of humor that is very unique. Nothing shows that unique humor more than this.

While being interviewed by the News Center Maine photographer in the video below, Dave spoke in a British accent.

For the record, he's not British. He just enjoys doing things like this every time a camera crew stops by. During the last Maine State Championship, he did a wrestling promo.

Lori happened to catch the news live on Saturday night and we talked about what she saw Monday morning on the show. Take a listen:


I can hardly wait to see what Dave does for his interview next year.

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