Cities in general are tough to park in. We all know that.

However, the parking situation in Portland, Maine, has gotten completely out of control.

Anywhere from how strict the parking patrol can be over just a minute over time, to just never being able to find a spot to park for a few minutes in general.

Do I admit when I'm wrong? Absolutely. Do I also see a situation for what it is and sometimes think it was taken a little overboard when I'm "wrong"? Also absolutely.

Parking in front of my condo is absolutely impossible, so when I have a big grocery haul I'll throw my hazards on for a couple of minutes, unload all my bags at my front door (without even putting them inside first), then go park my car down the road.

It was a very obvious situation to anybody driving by that I just needed to drop some stuff off and I'd be out of the way (considering my hazards were on).

The parking lady came over as I'm walking to my jeep to move it and started putting a boot on my wheel without even looking up in hesitation.

If she had looked up she'd see me standing there asking her to please please allow me to move my Jeep before she puts the boot on my car which completely messes up my day.

I'm right here. I see you. I was moving it in about 3 seconds anyways.

She said, "No can do. Sorry, you'll have to call Portland police to get it taken off."

I said please, I have a class to get to in about 15 minutes, if I miss this class my entire day gets thrown off.

(Mind you, the people that take the boots off your cars when you get them are the same people that put them on, so they have control over the whole thing).

She says again, "No can do," boots my car, slaps a big sticker on my windshield and drives off with me standing there just frowning.

Really? Right in front of me? I'd understand if I had left it there for 20 minutes and was nowhere to be found, but damn lady, I was right here willing to move my Jeep immediately.

A little compassion here could have gone a long way.

And look, I know I wasn't supposed to be parked there in the first place, but living in the city can be tough sometimes. Maybe that's not an excuse, but I feel like if it were me I'd have a little bit more heart for somebody than this.

All I'm saying is a little humanity or just compassion for another human's day in this situation really would have gone a long way for me that day.

Am I wrong?

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