I eat with my eyes first, my nose second, and if both agree, I dive in face first. I've driven by LB Kitchen every day since they opened and have yet to get inside to try their spread of bowls, toasts, sandwiches and more. Judging by these photos from early samplers on Instagram, I'm in for some new delicious, healthy, and unique food in my 'hood.

LB Kitchen

249 Congress Street

First impressions matter. The subway tile, tin ceiling, and adorable yellow bar stools are oozing with character. My first impression is: I want to eat here. And I want to live here.

If I was President, I'd make breakfast and lunch bowls mandatory across all restaurant menus. I'm sure there are plenty of great ingredients in this bowl but I'm pretty focused on that bacon right now.

I bet it'll take me less than 7 minutes to eat that 7 minute egg. I don't think I've ever eaten farro before but put pesto on anything and I'm there.

It's like toast, only way more better-er. LB Kitchen has tons of toast options on the menu, like this Avocado Addition.

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