Susan Conley's 'Landslide' tackles the hardships of being a mother, wife and the struggling fishing industry in northern Maine.


Susan lives in Portland, where she's on the faculty of the Stonecoast Writing Program at the University of Southern Maine. This is her first book set in Maine, where she was born and raised. She started looking into the fishing industry that she grew up around and that is the basis and heart of this book. The publicist, Knopf, describes the book as this:

After a terrible fishing accident leaves her husband, Kit, hospitalized in Canada, Jill is left to care for her two teenage sons—“the wolves”—alone in a small fishing community in Maine. But rather than bringing them closer together, the accident seems to drive this family apart: Jill’s sons throw themselves into Instagram, girlfriends, and garage bands; Jill begins to question Kit’s fidelity; tensions over money begin to mount; and past traumas start to surface. All as the Maine winter starts to settle in. From a distance—physical, emotional—Jill begins to wonder who are these men she loves? Who are these sons she raised? How much of them does she really know at all? Set against the backdrop of a small town trying to hold on to its roots, LANDSLIDE is about how much of ourselves we choose to reveal to those we love. And the painful, hopeful, surprising ways in which we learn to live with our family anew.


The book is being published on February 2nd, and Susan will be doing her virtual launch event with Print: A Bookstore in Portland.

If you ever get sick of Netflix and chill - a good book could be just what this winter needs.




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