If you walk the bike path around the east end of Portland, you've probably noticed the construction site near Sail Maine and the narrow gauge rail station. A few buildings have been torn down and the Portland Co. storehouse, built in 1895, stands tall behind the chaos, patiently awaiting its new surroundings.

What fate awaits this historic area? Developers of the site recently announced their plans to renovate the warehouse to incorporate a Food Hall, which would feature local chefs, food entrepreneurs and other food-related endeavors. Evo Kitchen and Bar will join the new development, moving their location from downtown Fore st. to the iconic Portland Co. building. The new Evo will double in size to become a 100-seat restaurant.

Construction has been well under way for months now, and it looks like we're still a while away from seeing the finished product. I wouldn't be surprised if buildings start popping up left and right, given the rate of progress in this city. Someone should set up a time lapse of the site over the next couple of seasons just so we can watch the progress at a high speed. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Food Hall!

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