Fresnel Theater on Free Street behind Monument Square took an experience that we'd all regard as negative, and turned it into a selfless act for the Portland community.

Last month, a homeless man broke into the theater and stole more than $1,500 worth of concessions, actor prop clothes, and an old pair of boots, according to WGME. Understandably, the people who run the theater were initially angry about the robbery -- until they learned that the homeless man was mentally ill.

"They left behind lighting equipment and laptops and computers, but they stole concessions. They stole our donations bin. They stole uniforms and costumes that our performers use," Creative Director Matthew Russell said. "This was caused because a homeless person needed someplace warm, and as such, we've been doing shows here where we're donating a portion of our proceeds to different homeless shelters around southern Maine."

In addition to their kind reaction to the robbery, Russell told WGME that the local improv community heard about the break-in and offered to help. As a result, Fresnel Theater has raised enough money to cover the cost of everything that was stolen.

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