The Portland City Council is thinking of letting pot dispensary's sell regular food.


According to the Portland Press Herald, the City Council should vote today to establish zoning rules that will cover everything from the size and location of marijuana grow to testing and retail stores. Right now, you cant sell any food or drink that doesn't havev pot in it. Some councilors and those wanting to get into the pot business don't care for that.

City Councilor Belinda Ray wants to change that. The Press Herald reports she said,

State law requires these things are clearly labeled and the price will certainly be an indication – your $20 brownie might not be a regular brownie.

I hope to God a 20 dollar brownie has more than chocolate in it.

This is all pretty new territory for Portland and zoning is just one step into the crazy world of selling pot.

And don't freak that your 12-year-old going for a muffin will see joints for sale, you will still need to be 21 to go to any place that sells anything marijuana.



Listen, Portland is home to a ton of craft beer, and this is a way of making pot dispensaries more like craft pot places! If it works really well we may want to change the license plates to Vacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaationland.

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