It's the era of the espresso martini. With the way it's' seemingly taking over the bar scene in downtown Portland, you either get on the coffee drink train, or don't go out at all. For me, all aboard the tini' train ALL DAY.

Personally, I love a good espresso martini as an end cap (or a "dessert drink" as my friends and I call it). I do happen to agree with portlandoldport that The Armory Lounge, located underneath the Portland Regency Hotel, serves a really good one. However, I would also say that there's many other bars in town that also qualify as having great espresso martinis.

Let's start at The Armory though. This is the first place to be mentioned on a guide that lists the top places in Portland by to grab a little spresso' tini.

I do love a good Armory 'tini, but would you also agree with me if I told you I'd rank Blyth & Burrows high up there as well on the espresso 'tini list? I mean, look at the skill their bartenders put into crafting theirs:

While we're here, I'm also gonna give it up to The Chocolate Bar on Wharf Street in Portland. I feel like they were the "OG's" of bringing the martini scene to Portland. Not to mention they're very well-known by word of mouth for their extra large martini glasses. Who doesn't love a huge martini on a Friday after work?

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