Dog parents either knew they needed this or had no idea how much they needed this until they used it for the first time. Portland, Maine, just introduced its new pet/owner water fountain, allowing everybody to conveniently stay hydrated as we roll into summer! According to Portland Downtown's Facebook page, the new fountain is a result of Portland Downtown's new partnership with the city of Portland.

This is awesome for so many reasons. How often have you been walking your pup and running out of water or forgetting to bring a portable bowl? Now, if you're ever walking your pets in the area near the former post office park in Portland, your water supply is secured.

The adorable part about this fountain is that it's not just any other typical water fountain. It looks like it was thoughtfully and carefully built with two levels, one for people (or pet owners) and one for their pets. It ensures that everyone can easily access the cool, refreshing water. For humans, it offers a traditional drinking fountain experience, complete with a convenient button to control the flow. Meanwhile, on the lower level, a smaller spout caters specifically to our four-legged friends, allowing them to drink the water at their own pace. Love it!

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