One of the best parts of Portland Maine's bar scene once summertime hits is the patio scene. If you take a scenic walk down Wharf Street, you'll run into places like Mashtun, Jefe Juan's, or Room for Improvement before you inevitably run into Bonfire Country Bar.

This summer, your beloved Bonfire Country bar will look a little bit different, but in the best way possible. You'll notice that they've opened up an additional outside patio area, complete with an outside bartender.

Lots of bars downtown this summer – like Porttown Public House on Commercial Street – have capitalized sidewalk seating. Porttown replaced Silverhouse, as well as the former Jake's Tavern, and they've added some really cool summer features since their grand opening last year. If you've driven down Commercial Street lately, you may have noticed the new sidewalk seating next to Commercial Street Pub. That's Porttown's new "patio" that just launched for the season. Check this out:

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Further down Wharf Street is a brand new bar to the area called Hot Liquor Tank, owned by the same group who runs Mashtun and Jefe Juan's. Owner Rick told me that "We're excited to hopefully give Wharf Street another spot to enjoy outdoor seating in the next couple of weeks".

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