Fat Sheamus Productions' video of Portland during the coronavirus lockdown is eerie...

Shea Murphy went out one night during the lockdown and captured not only the complete shutdown of Maine's biggest city, but just how beautiful and diverse Portland is.

Portand really is a great little city.

The video shows downtown closed up tight. Limits on how many can be in a store, curbside, delivery...all new for a city that is usually bustling. We are all trying our best to get through this. Businesses are trying to survive, people are trying to cope and all of us wonder - when will it be over? When it is over, will it ever go back to what it was?

It's hard to imagine what life was like just a couple of months ago. Hugging, high-fiving and hand shaking may be greetings of the past.

While we wait, and try our best to comply and be safe...it does give us a chance to see Portland like we've never seen it before - closed.


Downtown Portland Under 'Stay at Home' Order

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