Here's a protip for anyone shopping at the Washington Avenue Cumberland Farms. If you don't want your picture splattered all over the internet, don't take things that don't belong to you. Come to think of it, that advice works just about anywhere there are security cameras. In today's world, Big Brother is watching.

Portland police say this woman is suspected of taking a wallet that wasn't hers at Cumby's. (Don't tell me you've never called it Cumby's) This particular Cumby's is the new fancy kind that has hardwood floors, serves hot pizza and sandwiches and has a bazillion security cameras. To say she's "suspected" is probably just being polite at this point.

If you know this woman or see her on the street say "Hey, didn't I see you at Cumby's the other day?" No, better yet, call detective Andjelko Napijalo at 874-8906. He'll know what to do.


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