Another day another scam. There's always someone looking to take advantage of others either to steal information, money or cause unnecessary panic.

The latest involves the Portland Maine Police Department.

Someone has duplicated their front desk number and is using it to call unsuspecting residents. The caller is telling folks that they're "Officer John Smith" and that they need to turn themselves in.

Prison guard esicort inmate throught corridor in jail corridor for booking.
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Thankfully, many folks have been suspicious of this and called the Portland Police Department directly to confirm that yes, this is a scam.

It's a good reminder that if you ever receive a phone call that you're not 100% sure of to take precautions. Never give out any personal information or pay anything and hang up immediately. The worst that can happen in that case is that you find out that you were mistaken and you take care of it later. Better safe than sorry.

Here's the original warning from Portland PD:

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