I will never be the same again after this concert.

Post Malone's stop in Mansfield, Massachusetts for his "If Ya'll Weren't Here I'd Be Crying" Tour was nothing short of absolutely amazing.

He's done a lot of songs with artists of many different "flavors" so to say this past year, so Posty has kept us on our toes as he releases albums. That being said I thought FOR SURE he was going to bring out Doja Cat during his hit "I Like You" with her featured on it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to live my dream of seeing them both on stage, but he did bring out another artist that was more shocking than if he were to bring Doja out.

Have you ever heard of Noah Kahan?

Noah has a new trending song called "Drunk Dial," and Post is featured on it. Honestly, it seems like they've got more of a relationship than just being industry partners and it showed on stage.

Post stopped his concert to introduce Noah as "one of the most talented people in the industry right now" before he brought him out on stage and the entire crowd went absolutely insane.


I have heard of this artist, but if I'm being honest I didn't know he even had a song with Posty until I heard it live.

It was incredible.

The two of them performing Drunk Dial on stage was super powerful from every angle. I've never seen a crowd look so moved before the way they did that night. Also, congrats Noah because Posty just put you ON to the public.

I'm sure you're blowing up right now haha (well deserved).

Sidenote; if you're wondering if I'm just blowing smoke right now about how good this concert was, let me re-confirm for you how much I mean that.

I bought fridge concert merchandise. I NEVER DO THAT.

I'm the first person to say it's overpriced, and I can probably get it on Amazon, but this concert deserved my $75 for an Austin hoodie (Posty's first name is Austin btw).

What's a concert moment that completely shocked or surprised you?

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