UPDATE: So, in all the excitement of getting more cans to help with our bottle drive to raise money for the Cancer Community Center (which recently merged with the Dempsey Center), I didn't realize that we can't redeem bottles and cans in Maine from another state. Turns out, that's a no no.

At the same time, I still want to thank to my mom for thinking of us and trying to help out such a great cause from afar!

In its 16th year, The Q Morning Show's 3-day bottle drive Cans for a Cure has garnered its own following. Mainers donate cash, check, cans and bottles from all around to help support the cause. This year, we received our first donation from the Pacific Northwest.

It started when we got a package addressed to Lori Voornas, fearless leader of the Cans for a Cure program. She recognized my mom's handwriting (as did I) but had no idea what was inside. Upon opening the box, we both grinned:


Cans, cans, CANS!

My mom had wrapped up a priority shipping box with rinsed empties to donate to Cans for a Cure, complete with a note and quipped these 13 may just push us over our goal this year of 2 MILLION cans (I know, right?? That equals $100,000!!)

These weren't just any cans, either. Upon further inspection, we realized there were cans from beverages uniquely manufactured in the Northwest. There'sLaughing Dog and 219, an IPA and pilsner respectively brewed in my North Idaho hometown, Rogue Dead Guy out of Oregon, a Huckleberry Cream Ale (huckleberry is famous in the Northwest, and is Idaho's official state berry), and a personal touch of a "Share this Coke with a friend" can.


But wait - there's more! See that can on the right, the Wild Huckleberry Spritz?? It's unopened! My mom even sent a little treat for us to share before recycling. And what's EVEN MORE- that very special can is worth a whopping FIFTEEN CENTS in Maine - a price usually reserved for larger liquor bottles!


Be sure to join us in the Maine Mall parking lot anytime from 6am-8pm next Wednesday 10/10 through Friday 10/12! We'll be there with bells on (and cans around our feet!)