Got a listener with a pretty classic problem. A pig of a boyfriend. Her best friends boyfriend! He hit on her and now she doesn't know what the heck to do!

Q Court Gavel

Here's 'Jane's'* letter:

Hi Q Morning Show. They have made movies about this I'm sure, but I never thought it would happen to me!

My best friends boyfriend and I were alone in the apartment while my girlfriend went out to pick up take-out!

He actually sat closer to me on the couch and decided that he realllly liked me. And he told me and then he tried to kiss me!

I was horrified and about 5 minutes later my BFF shows up with Thai food!!

I didn't say a thing. I haven't said a thing. I have just been avoiding all of us hanging out, He acts like nothing happened. I feel terrible. My BFF really like this guy! So I feel bad - but if I tell her, she could be really mad at me. Ugh!!  What do I do???

Let's help Jane. What would YOU do?

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