So 'Jane' (like a lot of us) hits several homes on Thanksgiving. Relatives, boyfriends relatives, grandparents and this year she's added a new stop that is not sitting well with her boyfriend. 

'Jane' has remained friends with her EX-BOYFRIEND'S family and agreed to stop by for dessert. Let's have 'Jane' explain:

Dear Q Court. So I was with my ex-boyfriend for a couple of years, and one of the things I loved most about him was his family. They're really amazing people.

We broke up a year ago, but I still talk to his mom and sister. In fact, his mom teaches my yoga class, and his sister and I go to lunch at least once a week.

When I mentioned to my current boyfriend that they wanted us over for dessert on Thanksgiving he freaked - even though he knows I'm still close to his family.

Is it weird that I hang out with my ex-boyfriends family? Should I say no to Thanksgiving? I've never felt weird about it until my current boyfriend freaked.


I guess my name is 'Jane'

Good question 'Jane'. Let's let Q Court figure it out!


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