'Bob' met his girlfriend from an online dating service. He can't stand it when he tells people that and hears, 'Good for you!' He's a little upset and wants Q Court to help.

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'Bob' is sick and tired of the reaction he gets when he tells people he met his girlfriend with an online dating service. Here's his letter:

I'm a little peeved and my girlfriend suggested I should complain to Q Court. So, I met my girlfriend a few months ago through an online dating service. Which is pretty normal these days so I have no problem telling people how we met.

But every single time I do, I hear 'Good for you!' Good for me? Why is it good for me? I mean if I met her at Dunkin would people still say 'Good for you?'

Is online dating still so taboo that people take pity on you? Can anyone tell me why people are giving me props for meeting my girlfriend online?


Good question 'Bob'. Let's help him out. Take our poll and let him know what you think.

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