'Jane' has a problem with what her boyfriend thinks would be fun - crashing weddings. She's not so cool with that.

'Jane's' boyfriend thought it would be a 'hoot' to crash a wedding. 'Jane' thought that was a stupid idea. Here's her lettter:

Hi Q Court. Okay, maybe I'm too much of a rule follower, but my boyfriend thought it would be fun to crash a wedding. Uh, I'm not Vince Vaughn and I said no. That's stupid. He on the other hand thought it would be a riot.

If someone crashed MY wedding, I'd be pissed! So why would I want to do that to someone else? He thought that I was being no fun.

Do people actually do this? I thought it was just movie stuff. I just can't do it. Put it to the people please.


Okay people, is crashing a wedding wrong? Take our poll.


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