The Q lights look AWESOME! Over the last 5 years, it's been a tradition to decorate the studio. We've had some fun with it - on-air parties, hot chocolate, cheesecake - and a lot of laughs. Take a look at the pictures of our Q Lights 2013!

Hey, it's Trent, getting the Q studio all lit up is something we look forward to every year. We get together and plan it - and have a lot of fun doing it. These behind the scenes pictures tell the story.

Amy Rose and Mike Rovin have to stand on chairs - and the counter - to put up the Q lights. (Below)

Q Lights 2012 - Last Year, Amy was on the counter, hanging the lights.


Mike Rovin and I put up the Q lights this year. It took us about an hour - which is pretty good. Mike did most of the hard work. I supervised.

Q Lights 2013 - Mike Rovin hanging lights and hanging on to the door

In 2012, we had an epic FAIL with the Q lights. We used tape - the tape didn't hold. Now we use staples - the staples don't always hold either.

Last year, Portland took their lights down in March, 2013 - but our Christmas tree was still shining bright. (Below)

Q Lights - March 2013 - Our lights and Christmas tree stay way past Portland's lights


Once the Q lights are up - they stay up - like all year. We took down the lights from December 2012 in September 2013. (Below)

Q Lights 2013 - Taking down the lights in September with Mike, Rob, Meredith & Trent


The Q studio and the lights look great every all year. We want to see your lights. Click - Q Lights 2013 - and post your pictures here.