This is Carmen. She's 27 and 26 weeks pregnant. Not their first, but it's been 8 years so...the baby stuff is all gone. She wants that $150 to spend at Walgreens!

We are asking our pregnant listeners to Q up that baby bump. You could win:

  • $150 to spend at Walgreens for baby stuff, plus you'll get a canvas print
  • 1 hour massage from A New Leaf Salon and Spa in Hollis
  • dinner certificates (don't worry...they don't expire)

We get free advertising! See? It's a win win!

This is Karissa with the help of her 1 1/2 year old Makayla.

Karissa with Makaylas help baby bump

And this is Angela who did up her baby bump with a Henna tattoo!

Angela henna baby bump

Thanks for the free advertising ladies! Good luck to all of you! We will pick a winner on the Friday before Labor Day 8/29/14.

You still have time to get us your baby bump picture!  Email Lori - or on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #QBabyBump

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