Dear Mystery Person or People,

Why? Why would you ever do what you did? How could you even think to do something like this? Especially after all we've been through.

Wednesday night, October 25, 2023, and the days that followed while the manhunt was on to find the person who took 18 innocent lives by opening fire at both Just In Time Recreation and Schemengees Bar and Grille were some of the most heartbreaking and frightening days that Maine in general has ever seen.

But especially Lewiston.

And while Robert Card's body was found Friday night, easing the fear factor a bit throughout one of the best states in the country, the heartbreak and feeling of being on edge remains in place as this letter to you is typed.

Getty Images / Photo by Niels Smeets on Unsplash
Getty Images / Photo by Niels Smeets on Unsplash

So, with that in mind, knowing everything that we've all been through, been feeling, and I would assume/hope that you have enough compassion inside of you to feel the same thing -- why would you ever randomly open fire in public in general, but especially in Lewiston?

A city that, although unsurprisingly strong and resilient, is still sensitive to pretty much everyday life right now.

A city that, just hours before, overcame the slight probable fear inside, knowing they would be gathered in a public place as many locals were on that horrific Wednesday night, came together at the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul to spread love, tears, and strength to each other while paying tribute to the victims that shouldn't even be victims.

This letter shouldn't even have to be written -- not following Wednesday night since that should have never happened, and not addressing you since random shots being fired at vehicles and a building around 116 Walnut Street should definitely not have happened.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Right now, the Lewiston Community as well as surrounding communities are still on guard, still hurting, and still healing.

But through all that -- despite all that pain, there is so, so much love. So much support. So much unification -- something that seems to be very rare these days.

Don't take that away from Lewiston. Don't take that away from us. Be smarter. Be better. Stand With Lewiston and be Lewiston Strong. Don't do and be the opposite.

We've all been through, and are still going through, enough.

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