The iconic rapper known for his raspy voice in the late 90's and early 2000's has passed away. But a couple of years ago, he came to Maine in the coolest story ever!

In September of 2019, Nikki Cutchens was doing what every single other mom was doing: back-to-school shopping. Nikki and her daughter Grace are from Ellsworth, and according to WMTW, they were at the Maine Mall when they got the surprise of their life!

They were at the store Journey's, in line and ready to check out, when the guy next to them said he was going to buy their shoes. That man was rapper DMX!

He was in Maine for a concert at Rock Row in Westbrook. He told them that he was

blessed to have 15 children and wanted the family to be blessed as well.

Nikki Cutchens Facebook

Grace was funny about the timing and said that they just happened to be in line when DMX bought technically they are his shoes. She says she's going to brag that she has DMX's shoes.

Nikki Cutchens Facebook

Grace was starting 7th grade at Ellsworth Middle School, but DMX also bought shoes for her sister who is in college in Portland! His kindness will not be forgotten when he stopped in Maine.

Here is the story of DMX and his passing...



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