So many people have been thrust onto the front line of a war on the coronavirus. We want to recognize them and thank them! Because they are still heroes 8 months later!


Q97.9, Aroma Joes and Partners Bank want to recognize and thank those essential workers who go in every day during COVID-19 to get us all through it. Every time you get your mail, your groceries, your medicine or your life saved - someone is putting THEIR life on the line. It's a brand new way of doing things, and we are all grateful for everyone who keeps us going. We want to recognize you!

We are all so grateful and lost as to how to thank the countless number of people who are front line heroes. Here's one small way to say thank you!

Just let us know who your hero is! Big shout out to a hero - Full Court Press for these amazing signs. They gladly, quickly and professionally banged out these awesome signs!

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