Red's Eats located on Route 1 in Wiscasset on the Sheepscot River is one eatery most Mainers are familiar with. Its iconic.

The walk-up only eatery is clearly a must for many tourists and staycationers as there is always a long line, rain or shine. Red's offers delicious lobster centric items, fried seafood, and more. They were even listed as one of the 'Best of Maine' in Down East magazine.

Instagram via @mcpatsy
Instagram via @mcpatsy

In this COVID-19 world, it's been a touch-and-go and hold your breath and hope kind of feeling waiting to hear about the reopenings or unfortunate closings of iconic seasonal businesses.

On May 6, Red's Eats announced on their Facebook Page that they plan to reopen the establishment on May 30th. They will be implementing new policies to ensure the health and safety of their customers and employees. Including taking the temperature of every staff member before entering the building for their shift.

Finally, a sign of normalcy. I'll be curious to see if the traffic going past Red's will be a normal sight as well this summer. Time will tell!

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