Lobster boat racing is a tradition in Maine. There's even a Maine Lobster Boat Racing Association. A website dedicated to not only the lobster boat races, but things to do during the season, places to stay and more.

The Maine Lobster Boat Racing season kicks off 2017 with it's first race in Boothbay Harbor on June 17th. Then it's on to Rockland on the 18th. The Portland lobster boat races aren't until mid August. There are about 10 different lobster boat races up and down the coast of Maine every summer. Check out the complete 2017 schedule here.

In the meantime, let's jump in the wheelhouse of several different lobster boats during a race and see what these bad boys can really do besides bring us lobster. If you look closely around the 1:30 mark in the video, the clock falls right off the wall of one lobster boat..

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